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Welcome to Vantiq!

This is the premier platform for rapidly developing real-time enterprise application systems; running on edge devices, all the way to cloud infrastructure.  Here are some resources for getting up to speed quickly.

Hello World

Do you want to know just how many steps it takes to build the most basic Vantiq program?  The answer is six.


The Vantiq Academy offers a full spectrum of training classes, at levels that start at beginner and move all the way to more advanced subjects.  We offer training on-demand, live in-person or remote classes, and can even customize workshops for your specific needs.

Our 12-hour Applications Developer Foundations Certification Course consists of:

  • 28 short video lectures (most under 6 minutes)
  • Quizzes after every lecture, just to ensure comprehension
  • 10 cumulative hands-on labs where students build a practical, fully distributed event-driven application system
  • A 40-question final exam

After completing the Level 1 Course, developers can deepen their knowledge and experience with advanced Electives that interest them, or take a Training Pathway based on their Vantiq platform specialization.


Available from the Help –> Developer Guides –> Tutorials menu, the Tutorials include QuickStart, Introductory, and a series of other hands-on guides designed to give new developers initial experience building small programs in the Vantiq platform.


Available from the Help –> Developer Guides –> Reference menu, Vantiq’s full suite of documentation is ordered by category, and word-searchable.  Choose the Help –> AI Documentation Search option and type in what you want to know to get curated selections from the documentation.

Knowledge Base

You’re already here.  Type a query into the Search Bar to receive an AI-assisted answer instantly.

Developer Forum

Join the collaborative discussion of all things Vantiq development!  Here’s where you can get answers from Vantiq engineers, Vantiq technical trainers, and other developers from other companies all over the world, to help you craft the best approaches and solutions for your project needs.

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