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How-To Video Shorts: Managing AI Conversations

AI Conversation Management

AI conversational context is easy to maintain in Vantiq.  Among the features offered:
  • Service State keeps conversations current and immediate
  • A full suite of built-in procedures for creating and maintaining system-AI-human interactions
  • Automated conversation memory through Collaborations

Vantiq Service Procedures

Through simple phrases in VAIL code, developers have full power over the context of the conversation to be exposed to LLMs.
  • Begin and pre-populate conversations
  • Re-focus the LLM if the conversation veers off the main area of concern
  • Paraphrase and remove extraneous interactions
  • Maintain multiple conversations at the same time in the same application
Vantiq Conversation Management in Collaborations
Vantiq has also made keeping conversational context for LLMs a truly low-code & automated process by maintaining conversation memory in Collaboration State.  Watch the video in the next slide for a short demonstration.
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