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Past VANTIQ Webinars
Platform Overview & Build From Scratch
At Nature's Edge: Technology Solutions for Digitizing Remote Utilities Operations
How to be Successful with Edge-Native Applications
Join two industry luminaries as they dive into the business impact of edge-native applications and how we get there.
How Real-Time Systems Help Reduce Carbon Emissions and Achieve Safe Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry
In this webinar, we’re partnering with our friends at Infosys to discuss how leaders in this industry are transforming their operations through real-time GHG Emission Tracking, Safety Monitoring, and Response Applications.
Implementing Computer Vision Applications in the Real World
In this webinar learn about how computer vision, a subset of artificial intelligence, will impact digital business transformation and smart applications that can be deployed on the edge.
Accelerate Digital Supply Chains with Real-Time Applications
In this webinar, a new generation of development standards for real-time industrial applications is debuted, combining Infosys’ deep domain experience and digital-first approach with Vantiq’s event-driven, edge-native development platform.
Innovations in Real-Time Sensor Technology
In this webinar, Vantiq partner, Hyve Dynamics, explores numerous game-changing use cases in sensor technology when powered with the Vantiq platform in industries such as aerospace, automotive, gaming, healthcare, and much more.
[Español] Gestión del transporte y administración de entregas
Conoce la solución que te permitirá tomar el control de tus procesos logísticos en tu cadena de suministro, así como la geolocalización en tiempo real de tus flotillas y entregas.
[Español] Digitalización, Automatización o ¿Seguir igual?
Acompañenos al Webinar, hablaremos de las diferencias e importancia de la Digitalización versus la Automatización.
Transforming our HQ into a Smart Building to Get Back to Work Safely
The pandemic has forever changed the way we interact with our environment. Returning to work safely is a top priority for millions of people around the world. This webinar showcases how VANTIQ used its own real-time application development platform to integrate with hardware vendor Rigado and System Integrator, Bits in Glass, to ensure a safe and secure workplace in our headquarters, named Project Q.
Rapid Innovation at the Front Lines: Why Real-Time Technology is Required for Life Science Manufacturing Businesses During COVID-19 Crisis
Watch this webinar by VANTIQ and Partner RoviSys to learn how real-time technologies can keep healthcare businesses operational. We talk about the needs of life science manufacturing businesses such as medical equipment manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, and how real-time applications are key for continued operations.
Rapid Innovation at the Front Lines: VANTIQ Back-to-Work Accelerator
COVID-19 has thrust major disruption into the working world. Businesses are faced with a critical balancing act of getting employees back to work while ensuring workplace safety. In this webinar, we introduce VANTIQ’s Back-To-Work Accelerator, a rapid development tool that enables businesses to rapidly deploy solutions to solve these needs.
Rapid Innovation at the Front Lines: How to Counter Coronavirus in Airports with Tracking Solutions
Watch this webinar to learn about how technology like real-time applications and thermal camera devices are being used to address the needs of airports during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Rapid Innovation at the Front Lines: New Real-Time Applications to Address Public Health
Watch this webinar to learn about new applications made by VANTIQ and partner Bits In Glass. We talk about a new application being made for local government agencies in Latin America to manage COVID-19 testing and reporting and support the health and safety of citizens.
VANTIQ Update - 1.27 release notes
Overview for VANTIQ 1.27 Release (Dec 2019)
VANTIQ Update - October 2018
VANTIQ Update on October 2018
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