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VANTIQ’s Instructor led workshops are a great way to gain expertise within the platform.
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In-Person Training Courses
3-Day Applications Developer Certification Course

The Application Developer program will teach you the fundamentals of the Vantiq platform. You will learn how to build basic applications that leverage real time data streams and build client applications to allow people to collaborate with the Vantiq platform. This series of lectures, to be taken in sequence, are intended as a starting point for all levels of Vantiq Users: Architects, Developers and Consultants. After passing the Final Exam for this course, students receive Vantiq Developer Certification

Pre-requisite knowledge/skills: Proficiency in common coding languages such as Java, JavaScript and SQL. Familiarity with JSON objects.

Course Objectives:
  • To feel comfortable navigating the Vantiq Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • To gain hands-on experience with Vantiq's most commonly-used development tools and resources.
  • To understand how to trouble-shoot applications and know where to go for more answers.
One-Day Workshop

For developers who need to see what is possible and get a feel for the basics, the One-Day Workshop takes students through a guided tour of the Vantiq Platform, using a working application as a use case example. A hands-on lab rounds out lecture comprehension by giving students a chance to build on what they've learned.

Course Objectives:
  • To demonstrate what kinds of enterprise-wide real-time applications are possible with Vantiq.
  • To introduce Vantiq's main resources and development tools through a use case example constructed from them.
  • To give students "first touch" experience with building simple applications.
Half-day "Your Choice" Electives

For students who have already mastered the foundational developer skills and want more advanced instruction. Choose from the list of advanced elective offerings in the training catalog, or suggest a subject for a more custom approach.

Course Objectives:
  • To gain deeper knowledge, skills and experience in an advanced Vantiq feature.
Multi-day Training Path Certification Course

For students who have completed the Foundations Development Class, we offer customized in-person or on-line instruction for role specialization on the Vantiq platform. The Training Path roles are: Architect (2 days), UI Developer (2.5 days), Developer (5 days), Organization Administrator (1 day). For a list of the Electives covered for each pathway, see the Technical Training option in the Community Developer Center.

Course Objectives:
  • To review key concepts from the Developer Training
  • To fully explain the chosen Vantiq role and its responsibilities
  • To deepen important knowledge and skills relevant to the chosen Vantiq specialization
  • To gain confidence that students certified in this Training Path will be able to perform the stated duties consistent with the role.
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