How to use VANTIQ Community Resource Center
How to make the most of the resources on VANTIQ Community’s Resource Center


VANTIQ Community’s Resource Center is divided into 12 main folders and sub-folders. Here are some of the most important folders and files that might be useful for your journey at VANTIQ.

Quick Tips
  • Use the Search Bar at the top of every pages to search for resources by inputting keywords and hit “Enter”
  • Search for resources in Japanese or Chines by inputting 日本語 or 中文 in the Search Bar
  • “Favorite” a resource by clicking the star (☆) next to its title. You then can easily access all Favorite Resources from the “Favorited” tab in the Resource Center
Recommended Content

I. Technical and Product related content

  • Developer Resources : check out VANTIQ Developer Guide – our ultimate guide for application development with VANTIQ. You can also find a lot of our Engineering Update and Development presentations in this folder.
  • Product : You can find all product-related resources, from demos, product screenshots brochures and datasheet to product brief and explainer videos in this folder. Recommended resources are: Real-Time Application Overview and VANTIQ Demo – a core VANTIQ pitch and demo. Deployment Options – an internal white paper, training slides, and video describing the various possible configuration options for hosting VANTIQ (Do not send to clients/prospects)
  • Use Cases : In particular, Use Cases slide provide standard generic use cases with VANTIQ examples (POCs or clients). We encourage you to select potentially relevant use cases to discuss with prospects.

II. Sales and Marketing Content

Check out our Guide to Sales and Marketing forum for more guidance, and leave a comment if you have any questions.

Don’t forget: you can create a new topic at any time, for any kind of questions or concerns. Our moderators will make sure to respond to your topic as soon as possible!
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