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Welcome to Sales & Marketing Forum.

You are in the right place if you have questions about selling and marketing VANTIQ and applications built with VANTIQ, or if you are looking for business and marketing-related resources in our Community Portal.

The fastest way to find a resource on Community Portal is to use our Search Bar: Input the keyword you want to search for (“use case”, “demo”…) into Search Bar, and you will see the list of result. Scroll down to see more results and click on the resource you want to access.

If you would like some guidance, here are some of the critical resources we recommend:

VANTIQ Foundation Courses

You don’t need to be a developer in order to learn about VANTIQ. These foundation courses are recommended to anybody who just are getting started with VANTIQ. We will be adding more business and sales courses to the Academy, so stay tuned. For the mean time, explore below recommended courses:

  1. VANTIQ Foundation: This course introduces you to VANTIQ concepts and terminology for building event-driven applications. This course is for anyone looking to understand what VANTIQ is and what kinds of applications you can create using VANTIQ. This course is also a prerequisite and is the first section of the eLearning version “Introduction to VANTIQ 3 Day Instructor. Led Course.” — Access course
  2. Event-Driven Applications: You will hear about Event-Driven applications many times when you are involved with VANTIQ. This course defines Event Driven Applications and the VANTIQ tools to help you develop them. Note the difference between an Event Derived Application (covered in a different module), and Event Driven Apps. — Access course
  3. Introduction to core VANTIQ Developments Tools: This course introduces you to 3 core development tools, the cloud VANTIQ IDE, Namespaces, and the System Modeler. Even though it is not required, we highly encourage you to be familiar with the terms, especially if you are a Sales Engineer —  Access course
  4. See more foundation courses
Sales & Marketing Resources

We have put together a post to guide you with all the resources in Community’s Resource Center. Check out Resource Guide for Community Resource Center – Business and Marketing part.

For Sales purposes

  • Sales Training: Here you can find Sales Deck template which you can customize to best suit the clients/ industries. You can also listen to Example Pitch and Analyst Demo presented by our executives..
  • Positioning and Competition: you can find information about VANTIQ Positioning (including the Positioning workbook which we highly recommend), Competitive Landscape and Battle Card, as well as industry information. Please note that some resources in this folder are only available for VANTIQ employees and partners under NDA.
  • Pricing: study the resources in pricing folder to understand VANTIQ pricing. Please note that some resources in this folder are only available for VANTIQ employees and partners under NDA.

For Partner Marketing

  • Partner Program folder contains presentations and information for partners.
  • Branding materials: Graphics and logos are available in this folder for you to use in your sales presentations or marketing materials.
  • Collateral: We have prepared various brochures and print-ready collateral. For product-related collateral, check out Product folder for more resources including demos and other languages.
  • Promotional Videos: If you want to use some of VANTIQ’s videos at your events, you can find the materials in this folder.

If you have any questions regarding the materials, ask a question in the forum or contact us at [email protected]. For other Sales-related concerns, contact your regional managers or [email protected].

Stay tuned for more resources being added to our Community Portal! And feel free to leave a comment below.

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