VANTIQ Certificates and Badges FAQs
Q1) How do I earn a VANTIQ Certificate?

We currently provide Certificates to those who successfully complete On-demand Courses on the VANTIQ Academy. Please see the requirements to achieve the Certificate in each course’s description.

See all on-demand courses

Q2) I’ve completed a course, how do I download my certificate?

Congratulations! After completing a course, you will be able to see your certificate by clicking the DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE button at the top-right corner of the course page.

We provide certificates in PDF format. When you click the button to get the certificate, some web browsers will open the PDF file in the browser, and others might download the file to your computer. Whatever the default behavior for your browser is, that’s how you will see your certificate.

Check the information on the certificate before saving the certificate to your local folder. If you wish to change your name shown on the certificate, you can do that from your profile settings.

Q3) How to add VANTIQ Certificates to my LinkedIn profile?
  • Go to your LinkedIn profile –> Add profile sections –> Licenses & Certifications
  • Follow these steps to add your certificate, then click SAVE

Q4) How do I get a VANTIQ Badge?

We are in the progress of developing VANTIQ Badges and Certificates. Below is the list of Badges available.

Q5) I’ve completed a course, how do I get a VANTIQ Badge?

The Badge associated with your course will be emailed to you once you’ve successfully passed the course. Look out for an email from VANTIQ Community Portal with the subject “Congratulations!”


Leave a reply here if you have any questions about Certificates and Badges.

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Posted: July 27, 2020 at 11:18 pm
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Oct 15, 2020
Posted by Duc Duong

What is the fee of VANTIQ certificates, such as Developer Level 1, Advanced Developer and Architect? When will the course Advanced Developer and Architect be released?

Dec 4, 2020
Posted by dsprinzen

Hi Duc Duong,

Thank you for your questions. All Vantiq Certificates are FREE for Vantiq Partners!

Hope this answers your questions.

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