Modify config on VANTIQ edge server

I used vantiq-edge docker image to start a Vantiq edge server using docker. But I want to know how can I modify some config like port, disable google map? I know if I run edge server using zip file, I can setup some configuration in config directory. But I dont know how can I pass some config when I run with docker.

Posted: January 20, 2020 at 8:52 pm
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Jan 20, 2020
Posted by Brett Rudenstein

There are a number of ways to inject/alter the config directory in the container:

– Create a new image which is based on the base image we provide. In that image you can alter the contents of the config directory and add your own files/overrides.
– Volume mount a new “/opt/vantiq/config” directory which has your config files in it (this is done when you create a container from the image).
– Host mount a new “/opt/vantiq/config” directory which has your config files in it.

The best option here is #1 and if you want to use the volume binding method then option #2 is better (you want to avoid host binds at all costs). All of these are standard Docker techniques, so you can learn about them via their documentation and Google about for examples of how they work.

As for configuration like ports, I wouldn’t change those via config. The port the container is using is really irrelevant. Depending on how you set up the other supporting elements you may decide not to directly expose the port from the Vantiq container to the host network and if you do, you can control what port you use at that point (much more flexible that way).

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