Lab 5.1 (Generating Statistics with App Builder) Feedback

Hi Vantiq Team!

Just wanted to drop some quick feedback about Lab 5.1.

  • I would recommend moving this lab to the end of section 4, as I believe it is much more relevant to Analyze & Enrich data rather than the Client Builder
  • I would recommend creating a new quiz for Lab 5.1, as the quiz is based on information in the 5.1 presentation/movie rather than the lab. Additionally, since Lab 5.1 is the longest lab completed at this point, I did not retain most of the information from the section 5.1 video on the client builder, so I had to backtrack to re-learn that information. The Lab 5.1 quiz could be used for the 5.1 video section instead.
  • I started receiving some error messages during this lab for my transformations extracting statistics information. I believe this is because as soon as the application begins, there is not enough data to compute statistics and the statsObj is null.

    Is there some setting change we could make in the ComputeStatistics activity to avoid these errors? Possibly a change to the windowLength parameter?

Loving the trainings so far & thank you for creating these hands-on labs. They have been a great resource.



Posted: November 19, 2021 at 10:20 pm
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Nov 19, 2021
Posted by Lisa Ackerman

Hi Renner:

This is great feedback(!) and as we’re starting to work now on the changes for 1.33, we will take a serious look at what we can do to keep the knowledge from the video from “aging” too much before students get to reinforce what they’ve learned with hands-on experience.

Just an aside:  The reason why the quizzes show up after the Labs is because of a quirk with LearnDash that sort of “forced” us to put them there.  It’s perfectly acceptable to take the quiz right after the video.  We’ll look into making that more clear, or finding a workaround to the video/lab/quiz interaction in LearnDash.

Finally, in future labs, we’ll “fix” the ComputeStatistics run-time errors that occur until there’s enough data.  This lab writer encountered this at first too, but didn’t reset the State thereafter, so by the time the Lab was finished, the problem was forgotten.  D’oh!

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