Lab 3.3 – Problem with data generator

Hi team,

I was not able to start the data generator by pasting the link of the training:

Got an error (as warned in the lab instructions), but even clearing the error and refreshing the page doesn’t give anything.

Any suggestion ?

Thank you


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Posted: June 3, 2022 at 3:32 pm
Replies: 2
Jun 3, 2022
Posted by Lisa Ackerman


Whoopsies, there is a slight typo in that link, which should be:!/launchRun


…but even in its current form, if you clear the error, and click on the only choice in the window, the TDG should fire right up.

So sorry for the inconvienience!

Jun 3, 2022
Posted by Franck Bernard

Thank you Lisa for the quick reply, I will try with the new link.



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