How does the new task badging feature work in the IDE?

Originally, the IDE always showed badges for tasks/activities in Applications and Collaborations.  What functionality do the new features provide?

Posted: June 4, 2020 at 10:25 pm
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Jun 4, 2020
Posted by Ken

The new task badging feature in the Application Builder and the Collaboration Builder was primarily motivated by two factors:

  1. In heavily loaded systems, opening the UI with an application already open in it can overload the server (as it causes 2-3 times the event load to happen).
  2. Task badging can overload the UI so that it stops responding. The UI stops subscribing to those events to avoid that problem but then you can’t see live logs or live errors either.

Turning off the badges can let you have an event-load that the browser can handle, and then you can still see live logs or live errors.

Once task badging is turned off for an Application or Collaboration as a whole, the badging can then be applied on a task-by-task basis. A “Task Badging” checkbox will now appear for each task and you can selectively enable them. Click the “Save” icon to save and activate your new task badging selections.

Please note that the event nodes in a Collaboration Type (circles, diamonds, triangles) are not tasks so they cannot have events associated with them. That is why they do not have a per-task badging checkbox.

Finally, remember that you will not see any Task Badging checkboxes for individual activities/tasks until you have unchecked Task Badging at the highest level – for the application or collaboration.

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