Fetching data from legacy systems for enrichment

Hi all,

could you point me to resources where I can learn how to fetch data from a legacy DB or similar for enrichment purposes? Do I have to pull the data into vantiq types before I can use it? Or is it possible to query the external system on demand via REST or similar?

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Posted: January 30, 2020 at 12:05 pm
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Feb 3, 2020
Posted by Ken

Hello Martin,

Have you looked at the REMOTE source documentation?

Remote Source Integration

The documentation has examples on reading from a REST service using syntax that looks like a SELECT statement.  You can get data from your legacy DB and then use it in VANTIQ.  You do not need to save it in a VANTIQ type before you use it.

If the above does not solve your problem then please give me more details of your problem.

Thank you.



Feb 25, 2020
Posted by Patrick Burma

There is also a JDBC connector available through the VANTIQ extension-source.


Depending on the DB there may be the option to use triggers to use Rest calls or websockets to Post any new updates from the DB into VANTIQ.

When using a rest call you have to create your own polling system to pull in and update data to sync from the external DB to VANTIQ unless you’re pulling in the same info just about every time. If you use the JDBC connector a lot of those sync’ing type of features are already available.


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