1.38 Release Notes

1.38 Release Notes

Server Enhancements


  • Updates, Inserts, and Patches now can limit what properties they return.


  • Added a rename operation to support changing the name of a type without the need to copy its contents. Note that renaming a type will not automatically rename all references to that type (these must be updated manually).


  • The collaboration state management properties (writeFrequencyentityRolescollaboratorRoles, and conversationNames) are now defined once for a given service, instead of separately for each handler. For existing services, the property values for each service will be “rolled up” from the existing handlers. The same thing will occur when importing a service exported from 1.37 into a clean 1.38 namespace. Once the conversion is complete, any subsequent updates via the event handler definitions will be ignored.
  • The procedures used to manage collaboration state are now generated once for the service, instead of once per event handler. Existing services will have their procedures regenerated upon update. Note that this will change the procedure names (they no longer have their handler name appended) and may result in compilation errors that need to be resolved manually.
  • Scheduled procedures can now have parameters as long as none are required. Single partition procedures still cannot be scheduled, as their partition key parameter is implicitly required.

Event Handlers

  • Individual task properties can now be configured in Assemblies. See here for more detail.
  • Generated procedures for event handlers with multiple inbound events are now consistently named. They would previously change depending on the order events were attached to the handler, leading to inconsistencies on import. Note that some generated procedures will be renamed when the handler is next regenerated.

Activity Patterns

  • added rejected event to Filter AP for events that do not match the filter
  • added restart event to Missing AP when incoming events restart
  • Renamed the Collaboration Status activity pattern to be Close Collaboration to better reflect what the pattern actually does.

User Invitations

  • The expiration date of user invites may now be customized. See here for more details.

User Documentation


  • Procedure parameters may no longer be both required and have a default value. This will cause compilation errors when regenerating procedures with parameters marked as both.
  • The split() procedure for strings now follows the usage of Java. This mostly affects instances where there are non-positive limits.
  • The procedure Test.sendMockSourceEvent has replaced createSourceEvent. It has the same parameters and behavior as createSourceEvent() did.

Added the following built-in services:


Storage Managers

Introduced support for database transactions in storage managers. See storage manager transaction support.


  • Support for dynamically determining whether to save a document, image, or video has been added. See REMOTE Source.

UI Enhancements

Client Builder

  • There is now a new MenuBar Widget which allows you to add a classic menubar to a Client.
  • There is a new option in the “Editors” section of the IDE Settings dialog called “JS Editors in Panes”. When turned on it will cause any JavaScript editor which would normally appear in the Client Builder’s “popout” area to be opened in a Modelo pane of its own. By using the “Flex Grid” layout this makes it possible to edit and view multiple JavaScript handlers at the same time while editing a Client.


  • The IDE Settings Dialog has been broken into collapsible sections.
  • In dialogs where you may select a Secret the dropdown list will now contain an item that allows you to create a new Secret without leaving the dialog.

User Invitations

  • The expiration date of user invites may now be customized. This can be set when inviting users in Administer>Users>New User or Administer>Namespaces>(target namespace)>Manage Authorizations>Authorize User.


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