1.36 Release Notes

1.36 Release Notes

Server Enhancements


  • Service procedures can be invoked via the PUT operation on the URI resources/services/<serviceName>/<procedureName>. See Operation to HTTP Method Mapping for details.
  • Visual Event Handlers now fully participate in the Vantiq reliable messaging protocols. See the Reliable Apps for more details.


  • Added getValueOrDefault to Concurrent.Value() procedures.
  • Added built-in procedures Utils.getHttpHeadersEncode.formUrlDecode.formUrl and Event.isRedelivered.
  • Tracing execution of VAIL Function Expressions is now supported.

Security Administration

  • Resource Ownership Transfer – when a user is deleted, resources like rules and services owned by that user can be orphaned & will no longer run. To transfer ownership, new server operations exist to handle this case. Resource ownership can be transferred at the same time the user is deleted from a namespace, or later, after the user has been deleted and the resources are orphaned. See here for doing transfers on revocation, see here for finding the owners of orphaned resources, and see here for claiming ownership of orphaned resources.


  • REMOTE sources and Enterprise Connectors have been extended to support the sending and receiving of Vantiq Document, Image, and Video objects.
  • REMOTE sources:
    • acceptType property added to the request document.
    • automatic URL-encoding of the request body expressed as key-value pairs (x-www-form-urlencoded).
    • syntax @secrets(secret-name) support for headers and query parameters.
  • MQTT Sources now acknowledge (ack) inbound events AFTER processing the event.

Storage Managers

  • Added support for native language implementations for storage manager services. See Storage Managers for more details.

Natural Language Processing

  • The Vantiq NLP processing now makes use of the Azure Cognitive Services for Language (Conversational Language Understanding) capability. LUIS support has been deprecated & will be removed in a future release.


UI Enhancements


  • Popup dialogs have been reworked for consistency in styling and the way buttons are used. Validation errors now mostly appear “inline” so the error will be in red underneath the relevant field. The “OK” button will generally be disabled until all required fields contain an appropriate value.
  • A new Layout Style called “Flex Grid” is now supported in Modelo, in addition to the existing “Tiled” and “Custom” styles. In the “Flex Grid” layout style all the open tools are inside a classically tabbed pane. Tabbed panes may be split horizontally and vertically so you can have as many panes visible at the same time as real-estate permits, and tabbed panes may be resized. You may make “Flex Grid” the default using the “IDE Settings” dialog.
  • Resource Ownership Transfer – when a user is deleted, resources like rules and services owned by that user can be orphaned & will no longer run. To transfer ownership, new UI operations exist to transfer ownership for resources when a user is being removed from a namespace or organization or to transfer ownership for resources that are already orphaned. See here for handling it from an org namespace, see here for handling it from the namespace itself.
  • Each item in the Find Records Results pane now has a View as JSON context menu item to view the record formatted as JSON.
  • Collaboration-oriented tasks in the App Builder (e.g. Chat, Notify, Track) have a new color to distinguish them from other App tasks.
  • Event Generators may be run from the Project Contents tree by using the Run Event Generator context menu item.
  • Scheduled Events (from the Add>Advanced>Scheduled Event menu item) can now be created for Topics and Service Event Types using the Resource Type menu for selection.
  • Captures (from the Test>Captures menu item) can now capture Service Events.
  • The IDE Navigation Bar has been reorganized in several respects.
    • The Projects menu is no longer scrollable but instead keeps a list of ‘recent’ Projects.
      • The maximum number of recent Projects is set in the IDE Settings, Maximum Recent Projects.
      • If there are more Projects in the Namespace than recent Projects, a Show All menu item appears at the bottom of the menu.
    • The Deploy menu now appears as a hierarchical menu at the bottom of the Administer menu.
    • The Help menu has been relocated next to the Test menu.
    • The three VCS sync menu items have been moved to a Project hierarchical menu titled ‘Sync’.
  • The Client MultilineInput and InputString widgets’ defaultValue property is now localizable.
  • The horizontal ordering of a Type’s properties may now be changed using the Properties tab of the Type definition. Use the Move Up and Move Down Action icons to change the order of display both in the Properties tab and when records of that Type are displayed in the Find Records Results pane.
  • The context menu associated with the App Builder’s task nodes now has a new menu item: Delete Task and Reconnect Children to make it easier to delete existing tasks without disconnecting the task’s children.
  • Each titlebar of the panes in the Debug Dock at the bottom of the IDE (Errors, Log Messages, and Autopsies) now have a Open Associated Pane icon. Clicking this icon opens the associated query pane so that targeted historical records may be displayed.
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