Jan 21, 2020
Posted by dsprinzen

The crux of the problem is to determine how data and events can be transmitted from the sensor to VANTIQ. There are 2 primary mechanisms that should be considered up front: Sources and the VANTIQ API.

Source Approach
Maybe the sensor in question can easily publish data to a local MQTT server or some other system for which VANTIQ already has an out-of-the-box source. This is the simplest scenario as you now just need to ensure the VANTIQ installation on which you’re developing can communicate with the source and then you can connect to the source from the VANTIQ IDE and the sensor and it’s logic can remain completely unaware of the fact that the data ends up being consumed by VANTIQ.

API Approach
If the sensor hardware has no obvious way of communicating with a source implementation that VANTIQ supports out of the box you can always send events from the external hardware to a VANTIQ server via our API. In this case you would add code that runs on the sensor hardware and makes a request to the VANTIQ API (either via REST or WebSockets) to send the event data to the VANTIQ server. This could be accomplished by executing a procedure, where the event data is a parameter to the procedure, or could be done by publishing to a topic where the payload is the event data.

In different situations it will make sense to take different approaches. Generally speaking, using an out of the box source will be less upfront work.

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