Jan 21, 2020
Posted by dsprinzen

VANTIQ has a deployment tool to help you distribute different parts of your system to different logical partitions, and there is some support for automatic partitioning. The automatic partitioning is performed by inspecting the the logic of your application and looking for instances where commands are modified with a PROCESSED BY operator. These PROCESSED BY operators are inspected to automatically determine the different partitions that are targeted by your application logic and then to determine which pieces of your overall application are used by each partition.

Sometimes the logic used to distribute requests in your system via PROCESSED BY are not deterministic when inspecting the code, and in situations like this the deployment tool supports the developer determining which nodes (and by extension namespace) belong in each partition within an environment.

Application deployment is a complex subject, and understanding how deployment works in VANTIQ is best done through a tutorial, which is available here.

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