May 24, 2022
Posted by Sarah Rappaport

Thanks, this is helpful! I was able to connect to

A couple things that might be worth making explicit (that I at least didn’t catch in the docs, etc.):

* base is a required identity in the profile (in video but not in docs)

* filepath to the location of the vantiq.bat file can’t be too long or you get character limited (solved this by moving my install location up a few folders, but it wasn’t that long to begin with)

*it seems like the profile file is auto-created from the documents, might be worth saying that you have to create it (as you mentioned above)

*I was able to connect only with a token, and not with a username/password (I used srappaport as my username and the password I use to log in as my password). I connected with an oauth1 profile set up the same as the one in the docs example, but with my personal token.

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