Dec 1, 2021
Posted by Lisa Ackerman

Hi Renner!

I’ve been looking through your message (thanks for the pictures!) and have a few questions:

  • Are you actually using a mobile app for the mobile client?  You should be seeing the geo-info there
  • Do you have the CurrentPump Data Object in place?  (I think you do, just asking)
  • Is the code for the map in the On Client Start event handler for the page Start?

Just for you, I’ve set up a little “Easter Egg.”  In the first letter of the word “Applications” in the landing page for the 5.4-6 lab, there is a link to download a working “VisualizeAct” project.  You can import that into another namespace and make some comparisons.  Like you, we’re very frustrated when our applications aren’t working perfectly!

Good catch on the message notification.  We realized that too, which is why there’s a procedure in place to test and make sure that the notification works, at least….

Good luck!  –lisa, curriculum developer

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