Dec 2, 2020
Posted by Ken

Let me try and clarify the behavior of the Join App Activity Pattern:

  • The left to right order shown in the App Builder will match the left to right order used by the server to process events (in your case: WindStream, HumidityStream, TempStream).
  • Tasks are implicitly ordered left to right in the order they were created. The order in your picture implies you created the tasks in the order WindStream, HumidityStream, TempStream.
  • If you delete and recreate a task it will become the right-most task when it is recreated. You could delete WindStream, recreate WindStream, and the order would then be HumidityStream, TempStream, WindStream.

There is not a direct way to re-order the tasks in the App Builder without deleting and recreating tasks. That being said, there is a similar reordering feature in the collaboration builder, so it would make sense to add something similar in the App Builder. It turns out Join is the only task in the App Builder where ordering matters, whereas it’s very important in the Collaboration Builder.

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