Nov 18, 2020
Posted by Ken

For both iOS and Android mobile apps, this data is not designed to contain anything of interest to users – it’s a mechanism for Vantiq to debug problems on the mobile devices after-the-fact. Vantiq Support will ask for a user to send it to us if we think it will help when diagnosing a problem.

The iOS app keeps two rolling log files. When the “current” log file has a size of 300K, it is saved as the “old” log file and a new “current” log file is started. That means there can be up to 600K of text logging at any one time. As to how many days that means, it completely depends on how the user is using the mobile app. If there are lots of notifications or uses of Clients, then the log files will only have a few (two or three) days of logging. If the mobile app is infrequently used, the log files could have multiple years of logging.

The Android mobile app works essentially the same way; there are 2 rolling files kept that record the most recent log data. The only difference is that the Android log file sizes are currently set to max out at 100K each (so we only keep the last 200K of log data on Android).

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