Jul 29, 2020
Posted by Ken

There is no way to “decode” the token but you might be able to call a VANTIQ procedure that will return the profile and namespace information associated with the token.  To do this you must do the following:

1. Use the VANTIQ installation where the token came from (e.g. https://dev.vantiq.com)

2. Install the version of the CLI that goes with the VANTIQ version that you are using.

Run a CLI command like this to test the credentials/token you are using:

vantiq -b https://dev.vantiq.com -t aJl98y53Uqmob5amRjJWmgNOA3YI98hy65rewsdrt6w= execute Utils.getNamespaceAndProfiles

You should get output like this:

    "profiles": [
    "namespace": "PumpMonitoring"

Of course, replace the token shown above with your token.

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