Vantiq Sales Certification Level I (EXAM ONLY)

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This examination is intended for Vantiq partners who attended instructor led training. Otherwise, you should take the full course content and exam at

Level 1 Sales competency means possessing awareness knowledge of the following:

  • How to engage and educate potential buyers on the latest business and innovation trends to rapidly build next generation applications.
  • Positioning VANTIQ’s approach to building next generation applications.
  • Identifying best fit project opportunities for VANTIQ.
  • Knowing where in the enterprise to target, engage and how (IT vs. OT vs. LOB).
  • Understanding VANTIQ product offerings.
  • Understanding the VANTIQ Partner model.
  • Understanding VANTIQ pricing model.
  • Competitive positioning of VANTIQ platform and technology.

Completion Criteria: Passing all 4 quizzes with an overall score of 80% or more. * There will be a few more additional lessons added over time.

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