Introduction to Generative AI Applications

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Use Generative AI to expand your Vantiq applications

Vantiq’s platform makes it easy to:

  • Choose Large Language Models
  • Create Semantic Index content
  • Insert Generative AI into applications that can:
    • Respond to real-time stimuli
    • Recommend course corrections
    • React to situational change
    • Make well-informed recommendations

This class consists of:

  • 5 video lectures, complete with product demonstrations
  • 5 post-lecture quizzes
  • 2 guided hands-on lab exercises
You will need an API key from OpenAI to complete the labs!

(Support for more AI platforms coming soon)

After taking the Developing AI Integrated Application in Vantiq class, you should feel comfortable using all of the features that Vantiq offers to integrate AI with application projects.

Proceed to Lesson 1 to get started!

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